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Publishing History

Mona D. Sizer is delighted to announce the publication of her last book. Number 14 among her non-fiction publications: Bomber Boys: The Great Bombing Raids and the Men Who Flew Them in the 20th Century. 

Ms Sizer, who wrote for several years as Deana James, historical romance novelist, is the author of 38 books of fiction and non-fiction as well as a contributor to several anthologies including Tales Told at Midnight Along the Rio Grande and Before the Wind! Poems Out of my Life and Thought. 

A chapter of Texas Justice, Bought and Paid For, recently served as the basis for an episode in a popular true crime series produced for television.  "Murder in Sharpstown Hospital" detailed the agonizing murder of Joan Robinson Hill.  Mona was interviewed and served as a commentator on the story.  The show was produced by an Austrailian company and appeared on American television as well as throughout the English speaking world.