Monthly Writer's Challenge

Challenge Rules:

1. Only Valley Byliners members in good standing may participate.

2. All entries must be unpublished, original pieces. No past entries should be re-submitted to the contest.

3. Only one entry per participant accepted per contest.

4. All entries must be family friendly.

5. All writing challenge entries should be emailed, without the author's name, to no later than the Monday prior to that particular month’s next regular Valley Byliners meeting.

Entries will be e-mailed, without the author names, to all Byliners members to read and vote on. Each Byliners member can cast his/her vote by sending it to the e-mail address listed above or by voting in person at that particular month’s regular Valley Byliners meeting. The winning author will receive $10.

All entries must adhere to each month’s specific genre and word limit listed below.

The Line-up for future Writing Challenges

Writing Challenge Line-up:

The writing category for each month is “Write in Any Genre of Your Choice,” including Poetry. The writing category for the months of May and November, however, will ONLY be Poetry. Maximum limit of words/lines are listed below for each month. Please, also, adhere to the contest guidelines.

  • January....... 1,500 words
  • February...... NO CONTEST
  • March........ 4,000 words
  • April.......... 1,500 words
  • May........... Poetry; 60 lines
  • June.......... 4,000 words
  • August....... 1,500 words
  • September... 4,000 words
  • October...... 1,500 words
  • November... Poetry; 60 lines
  • December... 4,000 words

Writing Challenge Critique

Any author who wishes his or her entry to be critiqued must label his work “Critique invited.

Anyone wanting to critique an entry can send the critique to Critiques must be e-mailed no later than the Wednesday after the meeting for that scheduled month. Critiques will be forwarded to the authors on the following day.

Critiquing is not mandatory and is at your discretion.